Crown Reduction

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Why reduce a tree crown?

Crown reduction is a pruning method that is used to reduce the height or spread of the foliage bearing portions of a tree. This could be done to remove dead or diseased branches or to reduce the overall size of the tree.

This method is generally used to reduce mechanical stress on the tree or individual branches or to make the tree more suited to its environment. Reasons for this could be:

  • Preventing trees from interfering with overhead telephone or power lines
  • Prevent the tree from damaging or obstructing buildings or property
  • Reduce the weight of potentially dangerous limbs
  • Balance a misshapen tree (caused by storm damage or bad pruning)

However, while crown reductions can reduce the sail effect (the chances of strong storm winds catching the tree’s branches) it is not recommended as a way to lessen the chance of a tree blowing over in a storm. For these instances, we would recommend crown thinning; however professional advice should be sought in these cases and our staff will highlight courses of action when attending a quotation visit.

monterey cypress before and after

Hunter Tree Crown Reduction Service

When attending a quotation visit our surveyor will assess the tree and what result you would like to achieve. Based on this we will suggest the percentage of crown reduction required to achieve the best results for both you and maintain the health of the tree. 

Most Local Authorities have specific requirements regarding crown reductions which do require applications for the works to be carried out. We conform to Local Authorities guidelines on crown reduction ensuring that you can be assured of a “job done right”. If you’re in a Conservation Area or there is a Tree Preservation Order in place, as long as guidelines and permission have been given for the reduction we can complete the work.

If you would like to arrange a quotation visit to assess your requirements, please contact us.