Crown Lifting

What is Crown Lifting?

Crown lifting involves the removal of branches from the lower limbs of a tree to effectively ‘push up’ the crown of the tree from the below. The effect is to increase the ground clearance of the tree and move the tree’s crown away from objects that may be under it.

Using crown lifting to move the crown upwards and increase clearance is generally done to:

  • Improve access for vehicles below the tree
  • Increase clearance between a tree and a footpath
  • Move light blocking branches from lower storey windows
  • Increase light to a garden
  • Reduce or remove any branches that may interfere with structures or property

When looking to lift a tree’s crown, careful consideration should be placed on which branches are needed to be removed. We would not recommend removing primary branches that are attached directly to the trunk. Doing so can cause injury to the tree and lead to decay. Additionally, if your tree is older and more mature extra care is required to ensure that no harm is inflicted on the tree when raising the crown.

Hunter Tree Crown Lifting Services

Our fully trained and knowledgeable tree surgeons can provide assessments during our quotation visit. We will provide guidance on the percentage of the crown that should be raised and which branches are suitable, to ensure that the tree is not harmed by the works.

If your tree is under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or you live in a conservation area then your Local Authority may have specific guidelines for any reduction or raising of the tree’s crown. We would suggest that you consult your local council before undertaking the work.

If you would like to arrange a quotation visit to assess your requirements, please contact us.